Sunday, June 28, 2015

Letters to the Editor, 2015

Collection of recent Letters to the Editor, sent to LA Times and Sports Illustrated

To Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated and other golf and mainstream media distorted and overdramatized Dustin Johnson's "stunning collapse" at the US Open simply because his unfortunate extra strokes came on the final hole.  Knowing all strokes count the same in golf, Speith's errant 17th hole tee shot (while holding a 3-shot lead; en route to a double bogey) is a bigger choke by any measure than Johnson missing a couple tricky putts--after two epic clutch shots to get to 12-feet on a par 5. The different treatment is nonsensically and solely due to the pair's disparate 72-hole totals.
-Brad Kearns


To LA Times

Celebrity dad of UCLA jock arrested
...Snoop, take heed!

Let Cordell make his way on his own, past the weed and into the end zone
While you watch on TV at home
Daddy's--and Diddy's--gotta know when to let go
Perhaps by fourth year of college is appropriate? Yo!
-Brad Kearns

Stu Foldez letters - Stu and I have a friendly competition on who will get published more.

LA Times
Chillin' sideline at a closed football practice
Like any proper mogul should
"Hey punk coach, why you dissin' my son like he's no good?
I may have a net worth of 700 mill, but I'll still come at you with a kettlebell!
Put you in a world of hurt, or at least fear

Like the four players Justin's tackled in his Bruin career"
- Stu Foldez

Printed in the LA Times in June
#3: Tom Brady and the Patriots leaders are among the all-time great winners...and most disgraceful cheaters and petulant poor sports. Lance Armstrong and his peers defrauded the public with systematic doping, but at least they competed with honor. For example, slowing for fallen riders to remount and return to the pack before resuming real racing. 
- Stu Foldez


Sent to LA Times, didn't print
#2: Brady suspended four games to "protect integrity of the game?" Maybe Goodell will now add more games to the season so the punishment will be less relevant? The only way to really protect the integrity of the game from this disgraceful, blatant incident (done his whole career?) is making the Patriots forfeit the Super Bowl. 
- Brad

Didn't send, too long:
Jordan Speith's consecutive major victories in the "modern" era of golf is incredible because the number of top contenders has exploded exponentially since even the millenium-bound Tiger era. What's annoying is to hear chatter about his British Open prospects before the sun set at Chambers Bay. The way golf has escalated lately, Speith could retire tomorrow with an oustanding career resume. 

Similarly, Tiger's 14 major victories, themselves the catapult for the exponential escalation in the competitive level of pro golf from 1997-2008, are vastly superior to Jack Nicklaus's 18 majors in the early days of the moneying of the sport. It like imagining the major league (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) with 100 teams

_ Brad


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